Dry Needling

Dry needling is a highly effective technique for relieving pain.

Thin, flexible needles are inserted into painful areas of muscle, fascia, and tissue—body areas that often feel hard and painful to touch, frequently referred to as “trigger points.” The thin needles slide easily through skin, causing little pain. Insertion of the sterile needle into the muscle or tissue causes a reaction that both breaks up the tension held there and stimulates healing. This reaction eases—and often eliminates—pain for most dry needling recipients.

Dry needling is not acupuncture, although both techniques use needles to relieve pain. While acupuncture draws on traditional Chinese medicine focused on the body’s internal flow of energy, dry needling is a newer technique based in Western medicine’s scientific study of the skeleton and neuromuscular system. Needles are referred to as “dry” because no fluid or medication is inserted into the body, as happens with hypodermic syringes. Recipients of dry needling sometimes report a “twitch” when the needle enters the targeted muscle or tissue, and describe the twitch as feeling like a small electric shock or ache that quickly passes.

Many painful conditions and body areas are eased by dry needling. Physical therapist Shane Bauer will review your symptoms and use his expertise to determine if dry needling is a good technique for addressing your pain. He has been certified in dry needling since 2013, long before current media attention elevated public awareness of this technique.

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