Spine & Extremity Manipulation

Relief from neuromuscular-skeletal pain and restoration of mobility are the goals of physical therapy. Spine and extremity manipulation are hands-on, manual therapy techniques used to facilitate both relief of pain and the return of mobility, as well as improve muscle function.

Physical therapy manipulation techniques are focused on specific body dysfunctions; this differs from chiropractic practice, which uses spinal manipulation as a means to manage or prevent disease in all systems of the body.

Both thrust and non-thrust manipulation technique are used in physical therapy when a therapist manually moves a joint or spinal section. The movement triggers the patient’s nervous system to alter muscle tone and alleviate pain. Hands-on manipulation can also target soft tissue (fascia), and can include the tissue and muscle manipulation of therapeutic massage.

Shane Bauer studied spine and extremity manipulation while earning his physical therapy degree. He continues to keep updated on technique, and uses physical manipulation on clients when he diagnoses it as appropriate for an individual’s pain or mobility situation. He received certification in spinal manipulation therapy from the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy in 2013.

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