Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehab

Surgery takes a toll on the body. While healing is the long-term and final outcome of most surgery, it can take both time and personal effort to reach that goal.  Physical therapy can speed healing, both before and after a surgical procedure is performed.

Pre-surgical rehab

Seeking “pre-hab”—physical therapy prior to surgery—is known to decrease recuperation time for many procedures, especially those involving hip and knee replacement and all types of shoulder surgery. Physical Therapist Shane Bauer can help you identify areas of the body that will be affected and that can benefit from increased strengthening before undergoing a procedure. Improving the condition of affected muscles and tissue before surgery gives your body a jump-start on healing from the innate physical trauma that results from surgery.

Learning post-operative exercises before surgery also gives your brain and body the opportunity to experience and retain the exercises, increasing understanding of the recovery path and performance ability after surgery.  Recovery time will be more efficient and effective.

When you expect surgery in your future, consult with Shane to determine a start date and session duration for your pre-hab surgical preparation.

Post-surgical rehab

Post-operative physical therapy is necessary after a wide variety of surgeries to facilitate and speed recovery. Surgery is the most common reason an M.D. refers a patient to physical therapy, often within 24 hours of a procedure. The type of injury and surgery will determine the duration and complexity of your rehabilitation process.

Patients who participate in post-surgical physical therapy decrease pain, maintain muscle structure, gain strength, and recapture mobility. Physical therapy helps circulation to prevent blood clots, and can also minimize internal and external scar tissue from incisions.

Completing a prescribed round of post-surgical physical therapy leads patients to more quickly resume favorite activities and active lifestyle preferences, while also preventing new or additional injuries.

Physical Therapist Shane Bauer is knowledgeable about treatment of a wide variety of postsurgical conditions and is highly collaborative with patients’ doctors, to ensure treatment is tailored to individual needs.

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