Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is experienced by three in 10 adults.* The shoulder joint is among the largest and most complex joints in the body: The way the ball and socket joint fit loosely together provides a wide range of motion, but also leads to vulnerability for injury.

Shoulder injury can stem from a wide range of causes—from overuse and over-exertion (think sports, lifting, and repetitive movement) to pinched nerves to dislocation, fracture, and other traumatic incidents.

Injury to the muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint—called the rotator cuff—is common; tears to the muscle often require surgery and considerable physical therapy for healing.

The source of the pain will dictate the treatment. Physical Therapist Shane Bauer will assess and diagnose the pain source and create a treatment plan using a variety of complementary therapies that can include hands-on manipulation and muscle loosening, specialized techniques such as Dry Needling and The Graston Technique, and education and instruction in exercises to restore strength and mobility. Each treatment plan will be tailored to the needs of the individual.

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