Vertigo and Balance Treatment

Our eyes, inner ears, muscles, and skeletal system work together to coordinate our sense of balance.  A variety of issues can affect balance and lead to

  • Vertigo—which gives the impression of the room spinning around us.
  • Dizziness—which is the feeling of imbalance in conjunction with light-headedness, and sometimes nausea, anxiety and decreased concentration.

Impaired balance can lead to falls, swaying, stumbling, and tripping. Our risk for balance problems increases as we age.

Most balance issues benefit from physical therapy treatment. Physical Therapist Shane Bauer is knowledgeable about the vestibular (inner ear) system, as well as the symptoms and sources of other balance issues, including disease. He is able to differentiate the types and sources of imbalance and provide appropriate therapies to ease and eliminate the problems. His expertise enables him to know when symptoms will benefit from physical therapy alone, and when care should be coordinated with a physician. Each treatment plan will be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Fluid pressure, infection of the inner ear nerve, inner ear and head trauma, and concussion are among the issues that can disrupt the vestibular system and lead to vertigo.

Allergies, ear infection, blows to the head, and concussion often can cause Benign Paroximal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), a disorder in which inner ear crystals dislodge and land in other places in the ear. Symptoms of this type of vertigo manifest as dizziness when looking up, bending down, or looking over the shoulder. Manual physical therapy treatment for this disorder is very effective and generally quite swift, often requiring only a few physical therapy appointments.

Many syndromes and diseases can cause dizziness and lightheadedness. These symptoms of impaired balance can result from migraines, diabetes, arthritis, low blood pressure, Parkinson ’s disease, and stroke.

Physical therapy can alleviate this dizziness, as well as improve balance, minimize falls, improve coordination, and relieve associated anxiety.

It’s not uncommon for balance to erode with age.  But targeted exercise can keep this erosion from becoming serious, and physical therapy can help build back balance that has declined.

General balance issues can be due to muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and sedentary lifestyle. Shane Bauer can create physical activity plans to increase stability, strength, mobility, posture, flexibility, coordination, and activity levels.

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